Individual Client

CurrencyClever are the experts in the market and we are always here to help you in handling the risks that are

integrated with international payments that provide support every step of the way.Our process of transferring money overseas is simple, fast, and innate.

The company's dealing team and online platform can help you manage your currency requirements with effectiveness.

Private Individuals Transactions

  • Emigration and return from abroad
  • Payment of  International Student Fees
  • Regular Overseas Transfer
  • Buying and Selling of Assets Abroad
  • Earning Income in a Foreign Country
  • Retirement Abroad

The Best Services We Can Provide You

  • No Transfer Fees
  • Quick and Adequate Settlements
  • Access To A Personal and Dedicated Specialist
  • A Regulated and Secure Environment
  • 24-Hour Online Platform
  • Competitive and Consistent Exchange Rates
  • Foreign Exchange Expertise and Risk Management Solutions

How to Private Clients account 


The first stage asks you for basic contact details.It will then send you an email with a link to confirm. Once this has been done and email address has opted-in


A second email will be sent with a link to the second stage of registration. This is a slightly longer form but should take no more than ten minutes to complete.

If you are a British citizen you will only need to input your passport and driving license numbers. For others we may come back to request a copy of utility bill or bank statement to verify location.

How it works

Step 1 : Create Account

Our account opening process is fast and simple. Just fill in a few details and an Our team member will call you to complete setup.

Step 2 : Book your transaction and Fund Your Account

Enter your recipient’s bank account details and book your transfer. Send us your funds through a bank transfer

Step 3 : Funds Delivered

Once we’ve received the funds, we’ll securely deliver them to your recipient. Most transfers take 1-2 business days. Track them online or in app.